ADA Jewelry Pearls



Natural cultivated pearls are pearls cultivated the same way like it used to be formed in nature by a parasite or a piece of food lodging itself in the mantle tissue of a host oyster. This is now done by human hands. Those natural pearls are never completely round as they are natural formed and grown. They are fully made of nacre and therefore have a better luster. 


It takes the mollusk a few months till a few year to produce a pearl. Depending of the variety and the size of the mollusk there can be 10 till 30 pearls growing at the same time. A mollusk can even produce two till three harvest in it’s lifetime. 


The quality of a pearl depends of the shape, for it must be as round as possible, (in valuable baroque pearls there is a different criteria) the size, the larger the better, the skin, for an unblemished skin is better and the pearl luster which has to be very even with a good shine.  

ADA Jewelry uses only Natural Freshwater Pearls


New Pearl Shapes 


Baroque Pearls come in very new and large shapes. Some of them have a kind of round centre with “wings” at the sides or they are rectangular and bold like cushions with a length from 18mm till 35mm. Often is the color nearly white with a bluish and pinkish luster that resembles the South Sea pearl.


Keshi Pearls are shaped like tiny flower petals. Keshi pearls are formed when the oyster rejects the implanted nucleus before the culturing process is complete, or the implanted mantle tissue cracks and forms separate pearl sacs without nucles. These pearl sacs might produce pearls without a nucleus but with 100% nacre layers. 


Keshi Pearls are rare to find since most pearl farmers keep them by themselves because they are considered nature’s true gift. They symbolize happiness, love and good luck and they contribute to the beauty of the wearer 


Rice Shaped Pearls are shaped like grains of rice in all sorts of sizes. 

Button Shaped Pearls
 are flattened to some degree, making them resembles a button or perhaps a disk rather than a perfect sphere. 


Cross Shaped Pearls, Heart Shaped Pearls and Baroque Pearls are the other new shapes that are very fashionable at the moment. 

Mother of Pearl is the basic substance which is secreted by oysters and mollusks to form the inside of their shells. It is the same substance which forms pearls. Mother of Pearl is now used extensively as the nucleus in pearl cultivation. The shell of a mussel is cut into squares and then run through a process which rounds the pieces into beads. These beads are then implanted into the oysters which then secrete nacre upon the mother-of-pearl beads to form the cultured pearl.