Product Info and Jewelry Care


All our stones, pearls, oriental handmade silver and ambers are natural products.

Stones are never identical and they have stripes and spots and a natural variety in coloring. This is not something we can avoid in our jewelry. This makes your piece of jewelry unique.

If you are somehow not satisfied with the color of the stones we can always discuss other options.


Caring for your  Jewelry

All Stones, Pearls, Mother of Pearl and Glass beads have been carefully cleaned with lukewarm water and a mild dish wash soap to remove all dirt particles and drilling dust before we started to work with them.

However soaps, lotions, perfume and hair spray, even natural body oils and perspiration, can reduce the shine of the jewelry after wearing and make them look dull. Regularly cleaning is therefore important.

Certain basic precautions to help your jewelry keep beautiful:

Remove your jewelry when pursuing outdoor sports and activities, including gardening and swimming, or when you are doing heavy housework.
Avoid contact with perfumes, cosmetics or household chemicals.

Never remove jewelry by pulling on any of the stones. Bracelets stringed with silicon always roll on and off for the elastic to last longer and prevent overstretching.

ADA Jewelry is in no way responsible for any personal injuries due to unsafe use of the jewelry.

Glass Beads, Semi Precious Stones, Pearls and Silver Beads may look like candies to children but THEY ARE NOT. Keep them out of reach from children. Do not let them play with the jewelry.

Caring for your Pearls


Pearls are softer and more delicate than Gemstones, Semi Precious Stones or Glass Beads and can be more easily scratched or damaged. Products such as perfume and hair spray and even natural body oils and perspiration can dull the pearl and cloud their luster.

Therefore your Pearls may require a bit of special care. Preferably do not apply perfume on the skin where you wear your jewelry. Hair spray and other cosmetics can be applied before putting on your pearls.
After wearing your pearls you can wipe them with a soft damp cloth to remove any traces of cosmetic products or body oils.

Wash the Pearls periodically with a mild soap. Rinse them well with lukewarm water. Because of their delicacy, pearls should be stored separately from other jewelry items to prevent scratches or other damages. If possible, store them wrapped in soft cloth or in a soft-lined pouch or jewelry box.


How do I care for my other Jewelry

Jewelry with Stones, Mother of Pearl or Glass Beads can be washed without any problem with lukewarm water and mild dish wash soap. Immerse in water. Put a few drops of soap in the palm of your hand and wash the beads carefully between your fingers. Rinse well with plenty of water. NEVER wash in a dishwasher or washing machine. Dry it carefully between two towels. Let it dry completely before storing.

The Silver we use is 995. Oriental Silver is from a much lower grade but that has its own charm. If necessary it can be cleaned with a special impregnated silver cloth.

Beads with Silver tops can never be washed in water. Clean them carefully with a damp cloth and avoid touching the silver. Afterwards the silver can be treated with a soft cloth or a special impregnated silver cloth. Do not use any liquid silver cleanser.

In case the silver has turned black and you feel like polishing it treat it like Silver beads and do as follow: Take the Bead between thumb and index finger of one hand and keep an impregnated silver cloth in the other hand. Rub the cloth carefully over the bead. Continue till the whole bead is polished. Keep the rest of the necklace or bracelet from dangling or shaking in order to prevent damage.


How do I know if the jewelry is the right size


All jewelry measures are given in inches and in centimeters from lock to lock. To see where the necklace will end or how to wrap it around cut a piece of thick cotton of the same length to stand in for the necklace. In case you would like to purchase a different size you can contact ADA Jewelry by email.


For the bracelets an average wrist size of 7-7.5″ or 18-19 cm is given. However bracelets on silicon string will fit at least a 1 cm larger wrist. If your wrist is considerably smaller in size than the one given and you would like to have a matching bracelet with your necklace, please contact ADA Jewelry by email.

On the website you will find a few samples of earrings from which you can choose the size and length. The size of the earring is measured from the point where the beads will start.
In case there is any doubt please contact ADA Jewelry by email before ordering.

The rings on the webpage are samples. To ordering please contact us. To find out your ring size, if you don’t know, please go to your local jeweler and ask him to take your measure.