About Us


My name is Ada Boer. I am the founder and managing director of ADA Jewelry.

I have spent many years living abroad in many different countries where I have always been interested in the colorful local arts and crafts.

With my passion for stones, colors and fashion one day I just started off with a handful of beads to make my own jewelry.

Nowadays I have a large variety of pearls, stones and silver to create my new ideas.


My passion is creating a collection of jewelry that brings color into your life”

for it is the right color that lifts your complexion and lights up your face. It goes with the color of your skin and the color of your eyes. The right jewelry accentuates your own beauty.

In my opinion everybody is beautiful in their own way. Everyone has their own style and size of jewelry.

Some can only have a very fine or thin line of jewelry others seem to carry loads of beads and colors and even that is not always enough.

Some need more translucent stones, others go better with unpolished rough stones or delicate pearls.

I have a sharp eye for what brings the best out in you.


When in doubt what to buy for yourself or your loved one just contact me and I will give you advice free of charge.

I have a lot of samples to show you but it is even better to create for you personally.

I always keep only a few pieces of jewelry on my website. Most jewelry is one of a kind. You can always order personalized jewelry.